5 tips for making your office a more productive workspace

With workers finally returning to their office spaces in London, many employees will need to readjust to the novelty of working in their offices rather than at home. Now is the time to maximise your office’s productivity by creating a workspace that generates maximum efficiency at work.   Here are 5 tips to keep in […]

Tax savings for your project

Tax savings for your project Tax can be a big consideration for businesses, and this is not always for good reasons. That is why is it is important to know when savings can be made and how they could help fund your next refurbishment or fit out.   From April 1, 2021, company spending on […]

Is 3D printing going to change how buildings are constructed?

With the demand for houses growing more than ever before, construction companies are always on the lookout for faster and more efficient construction methods. Although there have been concerns over their viability for mass production, recent developments have paved the way for 3D homes to become more widely available. Below we outline some of the […]

Serviced offices vs your own office

It is one of the fundamental decisions you will have to make in the infancy, or further on in the lifetime, of a business. Should you invest in your own office, or sign a rental agreement for commercial space within a serviced office complex? The truth is, the answer to this question will come down […]

Are satellite offices the future of work?

As 2021 gets into its stride, we’re still deep in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s hard to predict exactly what the long-term effects on society will be. One thing is certain, though: the way we work and where we work is changing. So what does that mean for businesses? Should they abandon […]

Year in review: How 2020 impacted the construction industry

2020 has thrown a lot of curveballs our way, with the coronavirus pandemic having a significant impact on all our lives. Let’s take a look at how the coronavirus has affected main contractors across the UK, and potential ways forward for the future.   How was the refurbishment industry affected by COVID-19? One of the […]

5 tips for making your office carbon neutral

With the COVID-19 outbreak demanding so much of our attention, it’s easy to forget about our ongoing struggle with climate change. This is a problem that we can’t afford to ignore. A recent report showed that we need to cut CO2 emissions by 45% before 2030 if we want to avoid a catastrophic climate breakdown. […]

Everything you need to know about CAT A+

CAT A+ is being heralded as the latest office fit-out term and is the middle ground between CAT A and CAT B fit-outs. Here’s why CAT A+ is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for designers and landlords…   How is CAT A+ different?   Category A fit-outs usually involve a business owner creating […]

6 things we miss about office life

Ahh, the office. We used to complain about it when we had it, but, like an old worn jumper, we miss its comfort, warmth, and predictability. Although 2020 has changed our daily life beyond recognition, office life will return at some point for most of us. Until then, let’s list our top 5 things we’re […]

Awards and accreditations

We are committed to being recognised as a modern forward thinking construction company and realise the importance of meeting the standards and expectations of our customers and in recognition of this we are members of Constructionline and CHAS, whilst also having accreditation under ISO9001 & ISO1400.