New ‘normal’ work guidelines – office

Covid-19 has brought the traditional office to a standstill. Instead of working from office cubicles and socialising in meeting rooms, employees have instead been working from home and meeting virtually.

But as the crisis eases up, the government has released more detailed guidelines suggesting that there will be a return to offices soon. It won’t, however, be a return to normality, because offices will need to remain compliant with new guidelines.


Employees must be 2 metres apart

While the distance might gradually lessen, for the time being, employees will need to remain 2 metres apart, even inside the office.

This means that desks need to be 2 metres apart too, and for many, this will provide an unusual problem when it comes to spacing. Offices will need to be redesigned, as will the shift patterns of workers.


No hot desking

While hot desking used to be a key feature of many offices, it’s going to have to be resigned for now.

Hot desking just won’t be possible under the stricter hygiene rules which need to be followed to keep an office a safe and hygienic place to work.


Staggered shifts and rotas

There’s no way an office will be able to bring all their workers back on the same day. It’s just not possible. Instead, there will need to be an organised return to work, with companies keeping anyone home who is able to work virtually, and staggering their employees’ return to the office.

As there will be less space in the office, due to social distancing, managers will also need to devise a rota system. Some workers will need to work from home where they can, or change their hours, to make this work.

As well as staggered shifts, offices will need staggered lunches and break times too. There’s no point keeping everyone socially distanced in the office, only for everyone to congregate for lunch!


Hygiene is key

Any return to the office environment won’t be complete without an overhaul when it comes to cleaning and hygiene.

Office workers need to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout the day, and you will want to bring in professional cleaners if you don’t have them already. Offices need to ensure that there is plenty of hand sanitizer, tissues and other cleaning products available to all their workers.

Awards and accreditations

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