Three ways that technology will continue to revolutionise construction companies

Construction companies, like any other industry sectors, are keen to adopt and embrace the very latest trends in technology. Not only does the uptake of new hardware set main contractors apart from their rivals, but it can also help to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall consumer experience.

We take a look at three of the most important technological advancements for refurbishment and fit-out companies.

Construction-specific smartphone applications

App stores are awash with programs claiming to make every element of the refurbishment process easier and more efficient. And whilst the initial offering can be overwhelming, there are a host of applications that can streamline processes facing the main contractor. Take time to carefully evaluate the specifications and fully get to grips with the capabilities before committing to a long term subscription. Many software companies offer trial periods, so take advantage of this. Whether you choose to operate online timecards for employees, go electronic with expense sheets, or opt for paperless work records, there is sure to be an app to aid your refurbishment.

Artificial Intelligence

What was once the reserve of science fiction movies, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the work undertaken by refit and construction companies.

The collection of data by intelligent computer programs can have a dramatic impact on any project. Tracking workers around a construction site allows their efficiency to be monitored, and ultimately, improved. This can have useful implications for the organisation of a site and its materials. Sensors on tools and building materials allow their movement to be tracked, providing opportunities to optimise the efficiency of their application.

Virtual Reality to improve safety

Although it may sound farfetched, the implication of Virtual Reality can have a considerable effect on construction site safety. Employees can now be fitted with pop-up displays integrated directly into their hard hats, instantly alerting them to hazardous areas around the site. Site managers and safety personnel can monitor all those working on the site allowing them to perform their tasks in a safe environment. There is also huge potential for using VR simulators to train those heading onto a site. Software can be utilised to train crane operators, excavators and those operating heavy plant machinery, allowing experience to be obtained in a safe environment.

So there we are: three ways that technology could be entering your workplace in the months ahead. Whether you choose to be a pioneer and embrace as much technology into your workplace as possible is up to you, but however you choose to streamline operations, technology in construction is here to stay.

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