Materials you may not have considered for your office

Are you currently undertaking an office refurbishment or new fit out? Are you looking for new and exciting building materials to make your office unique?

There has been a rise in new and unusual materials in the building and construction industry lately. This means you’ve got even more choice for materials and finish than ever before. This post will run through some of the new and exciting materials that have gained popularity that could work for your office fit out.


This is a new coating technique for your decorative metals that will increase their hardness and make them scratch resistant. ZrOC is a mixture of zirconium, oxygen and carbon that changes colour depending on the way it’s mixed. It can also be used on wood, plastic and metal so it’s highly versatile. You don’t need to tear out your basin or radiator, just spray them with ZrOC for a completely new look.


3D printing is really taking off, becoming increasingly popular with more and more 3D print studios popping up everywhere. However, the quality and finish of 3D printed materials can often be inferior to traditionally manufactured materials. That’s where tethonite comes in: it’s a 3D-printed ceramic compound that when fired and cured looks like traditional ceramic. It’s perfect for intricate designs that take time to craft by hand.


Karta-Pack is a cotton fibre that is made from recycled cotton fibres, such as jeans and shirts. It feels like cotton but has the strength of plastic, and is tipped to be used frequently in furniture design. At present, it’s commonly used in quality packaging because it is both luxurious and durable.

ReWall Ceiling Tiles

These tiles are made from recycled plastic bottles using the same method that is used to manufacture oriented strand board. The ceiling tiles are capable of being cut and screwed into and are resilient to moisture. While marketed as ceiling tiles, they are multipurpose: new walls, perhaps?

It’s a really exciting time in the construction industry with the rise of new materials, so keep an eye out for the perfect ones for you.

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