Next generation construction

As with businesses in any other industry, construction companies need to adapt to changing times in order to remain viable and the new generation of workers who are entering this industry are bringing fresh ideas and perspectives that will shape its future. A survey of the young generation starting out in the construction sector by […]

Mental health in the construction industry

While mental health is being talked about more than ever in UK workplaces, there is still, unfortunately, a lack of confidence to speak up about it across many construction companies. This is especially true in smaller organisations and is often exacerbated due to long working hours, the pressure to deliver projects within tight timeframes and […]

How much space do we need

One of the most important steps when looking for a new office is making sure you get the correct amount of space for your company. Under or overestimating space is common, but it can spell disaster for your business financially if you get it wrong. Too much space is unnecessarily costly while limited space can […]

Features of exposed services

Ceilings are important structures in buildings since they are not only used in separation of spaces but also in regulating sound and light diffusion. Apart from tightly attached, convective chilled, radiant chilled, interstitial, and acoustical types of ceilings, your main contractor could also recommend exposed services. Buildings with exposed services entail having unfinished ceilings where […]

The importance of public spaces in new buildings

When most of us think about public spaces, we think parks, squares, beaches, pavements, and the like. It’s true; they are all public spaces where everyone is free to visit and spend some time. But, the point is, we mostly think of government or community-owned public spaces. Nowadays, however, construction companies and building owners are […]

Construction Jargon – Part 1

Almost every type of industry uses jargon, and the construction industry is no exception. There are specific words and abbreviations that workers and contractors will slip into everyday conversation, often without realising that, to those outside the industry, it can seem like they’re speaking a different language. In this series, we will be identifying common […]

Office automation: how it will impact your workplace

Radical shifts have occurred in workplaces with office automation becoming a common trend in recent years. With its foot already through the door and rapid growth in modern companies, office automation is a prudent option for firms that wish to stay at the forefront in their respective sectors. Here is how upcoming automation trends will […]

Hybrid VRF is the next level of air conditioning

The latest technology brings innovation to classic VRF (Variable refrigerant flow) systems and the way they function. The Hybrid VRF functions on a two-pipe heat recovery system with water between the HBC (Hybrid Branch Circuit) controller and its indoor units. This air conditioning system enables you to better control the temperature inside your rooms and […]

Are London’s Traditional Industry Hubs Still Relevant in 2019?

When you’re deciding where to set up your new offices, you might envision yourself strolling in the Square Mile or through Canary Wharf. But are these traditional industrial districts from centuries past still the golden ticket to a business’s reputation and turnover? Over the last few years, construction companies have seen a huge diversification in […]

Traditional office spaces vs Collaborative working spaces

The UK business sector is a fast-moving place and this can be seen in where businesses choose to operate from. In the past, the traditional office set-up was the way most did it. This saw premises leased solely to be used by your company and with employees having their own allocated space to work from. […]

Awards and accreditations

We are committed to being recognised as a modern forward thinking construction company and realise the importance of meeting the standards and expectations of our customers and in recognition of this we are members of Constructionline and CHAS, whilst also having accreditation under ISO9001 & ISO1400.