The Health Conscious Commuter

The Coronavirus pandemic has left countless commuters feeling that packed, tight spaces are something to be avoided at all costs. Many disliked the bus, train, and tube when things were “normal” – with the increased risk of serious infection, it’s little wonder they are abandoning them in favour of other options.   As a business […]

Welcoming people back to your workplace after Corona Virus

As we emerge from the Coronavirus crisis, businesses are reopening and workers are expected to return to their jobs. Lots of people are understandably nervous about this and are wondering what precautions will be taken to protect them. If you are a business owner or are in charge of Coronavirus precautions in your workplace, there […]

Your back-to-work checklist

The coronavirus crisis of 2020 has been a strange time for many companies, with offices, businesses and construction sites mothballed for months on end. Now, though, with lockdown restrictions finally easing, many businesses are keen to get going again. But with workspaces out of use for so long, you’ll need to make sure everything’s ship-shape […]

New ‘normal’ work guidelines – office

Covid-19 has brought the traditional office to a standstill. Instead of working from office cubicles and socialising in meeting rooms, employees have instead been working from home and meeting virtually. But as the crisis eases up, the government has released more detailed guidelines suggesting that there will be a return to offices soon. It won’t, […]

Working in the ‘new normal’ – guidelines for site workers

Construction companies are one of the many business types hit hard by the Covid-19 outbreak. With weeks of lockdown and stringent social distancing rules in place, many sites have stopped working or are operating on extremely reduced staff – but, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Government has announced a gradual […]

Top tips for working from home

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many offices are being temporarily closed and employees are being advised to work from home. Due to the nature of our industry, many construction companies are unable to work from home, but should you find yourself in a situation where you are able to work remotely, the below tips […]

Some of the greenest, most eco-friendly buildings in London, UK

Construction companies and contractor clients are increasingly aware of the impacts of climate change. This has entailed recognition of the requirement to cut energy footprints, while also cutting pollution and waste. There are a number of green, eco-friendly buildings in London nowadays, and some of the best include: Bloomberg’s European HQ You won’t suspect it […]

Repurposed buildings

When one thinks of construction, the first image that generally comes to mind includes groundworks for a new-build property. However, with so many historic buildings in Britain, more and more historic properties are being refurbished and repurposed for the modern world. Keeping and re-purposing old buildings not only ensures they do not go into disrepair, […]

Awards and accreditations

We are committed to being recognised as a modern forward thinking construction company and realise the importance of meeting the standards and expectations of our customers and in recognition of this we are members of Constructionline and CHAS, whilst also having accreditation under ISO9001 & ISO1400.