Construction Jargon – Part 1

Almost every type of industry uses jargon, and the construction industry is no exception.

There are specific words and abbreviations that workers and contractors will slip into everyday conversation, often without realising that, to those outside the industry, it can seem like they’re speaking a different language.

In this series, we will be identifying common jargon used by construction companies and explain what they mean in understandable terms.



BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. It’s a process that uses detailed design software to streamline the construction process. The BIM software used during a project can be accessed by everyone working on it, from the architects to the people working on site.



Computer Aided Design – commonly referred to as CAD – refers to any sort of computer software used during the construction process. For example, architects will use CAD to create 3D models of their designs.


Coworking space

A term used to describe a shared workspace. If you’re planning an office refurbishment, the architect may use the term coworking space when referring to an area where there’s an open-plan meeting place or hotdesking facilities.


In situ

It’s actually a Latin term, which means ‘in position’. However, in the construction industry, it’s usually used when something is on-site or in place. A contractor may, for instance, say that concrete beams are in situ once they have been cast.



An elevation refers to one specific side of a building. Usually, an architect will create detailed drawings of each elevation to show how the building will look from every angle.


Party wall

Any wall that joins two separate properties together is called a party wall because ownership is shared by both parties.



A low wall that usually projects from the top of a roof. Office blocks often have parapets incorporated into the design to act as a barrier rail, or to help prevent the spread of fire.



The term survey refers to any detailed evaluation that takes place during the construction process. Surveying will take place when the existing condition of a site needs to be assessed.

Awards and accreditations

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